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About us

Sam Socks started as a socks retailer back in 2006. Our first shop was a small kiosk at Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California. It was a struggle! Everyone thought who are these crazy people that want to sell Socks. The concept was new. It took us a little time to assemble a stylish and diverse collection that appealed to everyone. However, the magic started when I went upstairs to the second floor Art Gallery Store where I saw this big PupArt Portrait of a Black Pug! The Idea was born. I started manufacturing these beautiful socks with different dog faces on them, and I had a niche. Who can not relate to a pair of socks with their loved pet on it!

Now in 2018, Sam Socks stands the test of time as a superior manufacturer and a wholesaler of top quality socks. We want to make the manufacturing experience a simple and joyous one to those who dared it for a long time. We learned along the way from our mistakes and struggles in the manufacturing world. Now, with all the confidence I can say, tell me what socks you want, and I will gladly deliver.

At Sam Sock we don't just make socks, we put a lot of effort and care into our process to deliver to you a pair of socks that will leave an incredible impression on your toes and your eyes.

Our socks don't fray or come apart at the heel and toe nor rip after the first wash. If you take care of them, they will last you a long time. Our socks will not smell after a long day of use in a hot and sweaty day. Also, all the designs on our socks are bright, you can see every little detail on it. All these qualities because we strive for perfection and nothing less. We choose our Cotton carefully. We have capable and competent technicians who make sure every sock that comes out of the machine is made to perfection.

This experience was and is still tough but it is a great one, and I love it.

Sam Socks.